The Black Belt Bayesian

Originally published November 24, 2014

From 2007 to 2009, Steven Kaas wrote the nowadays defunct and destroyed blog Black Belt Bayesian. In those days, he was a lot more actively transhumanist, singularitarian, atheist, and more of a futurist than he is today, and anyway managed to cleave an insight path that still today is all too seldom trod.

I recommend reading the entire archive, which if you're a slow reader like me shouldn't take more than three hours. All of the material is still available via the Wayback Machine, but it can be hard to navigate, so this post is a sort of course that makes it as convenient as feasible to see every post.

I'm a fan of reading things in chronological order. These pages put the older posts at the bottom, so you should read them bottom-to-top.
Kaas seems to have mostly disappeared. You should read all of his tweets. He is also on Less Wrong, where he seems to vaguely still exist sort of.

old things return

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