I Really Like Kirby Super Star

Originally Published November 9, 2014

The first time I played Kirby Super Star, it was with a friend. We did so via netplay, which is the connection of two emulators via the internet. The connection was pretty poor, so there was lag, which was responsible for glitchiness and poor performance, but it was still a whole lot of fun.

We alternated who was Kirby and who was the helper. In retrospect I should have been the helper more, because you can only be the helper in two-player mode and I didn't realize how few opportunities to play the game with someone else I would have. All the helpers move with different physics, which is a real treat to play with because everything is so crisp in KSS. Everything works like it should, and playing as Plasma Wisp feels nothing like playing as Bio Spark.

The castle section of the Great Cave Offensive is usually the point where I'm like, "Fuck, this game is so good. I can't bear the thought of ever playing it for the last time." I love the Great Cave Offensive, being a treasure hunter and collecting treasures and being Kirby. I want to play a game that is just an incredibly huge Great Cave Offensive.

One of the subgames is called Revenge of Meta Knight. This is a misnomer due to translation; Meta Knight isn't avenging anything. He is trying to fulfill his ambition. We do not learn what his ambition actually is, except for a probably-poorly-translated line, "Dream Land's lazy lifestyle will end!" which, as far as I can tell, means he wants to reduce unemployment. Anyway I think Kirby is the villain of this scenario, basically just ruining Meta Knight's plan for no reason. Meta Knight never tries again to accomplish his dream.

I recently replayed all of the game as comfort food. I've 100%ed it more times than I could count. I never want to play it alone again. It is a really solid game, but it has nothing new for me. I want to introduce it to other people by playing it with them.

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